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Science Tuesdays in the

Preschool Supplement Program (ages 4-5)

New Topic in Science Every Tuesday!

Every Tuesday, we celebrate a new topic like ladybugs, butterflies, owls, frogs, penguins, pumpkins, apples, sunflowers, deserts, jungles, moutains, volcanos, island. Each session, the schedule of activities will flow as follows:

20 minutes - We always start with a discussion of what we know about the topic.

30 minutes - We read a story and watch some videos related to the topic.

45 minutes - We play a game or make a craft.

25 minutes - We share with each other what we made or learned.


Days and Times

AM session - Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30

PM session - Tuesdays, 12:30-2:30


Program Fees

8 weeks, 3-days-a-week, 2 hours each day, $960. (only $20/hour)

8 weeks, 2-days-a-week, 2 hours each day, $736. (only $23/hour)

8 weeks, 1-day-a-week, 2 hours each day, $399. (only $25/hour)